Testimonials and Reviews

Tom and Veteran

I have used other trainers in the past that I feel have destroyed my dogs through the use of shock collars. The product that I got back was fearful and timid. This was not the case with AZDK9S. Doran was very professional and took the time to listen to my needs. My dog, Veteran, loved him and always had a wagging tail in the videos that were sent to me and when I was there for my training. This is the part that I liked the most. In the past I would just drop my dog off and not hear from the other trainers I used until it was time for pick up. AZDK9S made sure that I was involved in the training process so that Veteran and I would be set up for success. Every member of the staff that I came into contact with was friendly and courteous. I saw other dogs being trained during my time there and I can assure you that your dog will be treated in a loving, caring, and safe environment. The kennels for the boarded animals are the nicest I’ve seen anywhere. I joked with my wife by saying that this facility was like an Ivy League School for dogs. In all seriousness though, it really is if you compare it to other businesses in the industry. You will not be disappointed. Veteran will return as he gets a little older and more mature for some advanced level training. I could literally talk for hours about this business. One thing thing should be clearly said about AzDK9s. If you are looking for cheap training, go somewhere else . Their work isn’t cheap and it shouldn’t be. The price IS worth it! If anything, they really should charge more for their services

Elizabeth and Stella

Went for a one on one private session and learned so much. After just one hour I was already seeing improvements out of my dog. Very excited to leave my baby with them for a week

Kerri and JJ

My 2 yr.old mastiff mix, I had since 3 months old started with aggression issues, then started with protection of me and started going after , and biting my husband.then he started growling at me when I did something he didn’t like He claimed the role of master.I new I had to do something .He was never like this until around 2yrs. so I new it was not him that caused this It was us as humans by not doing the right things as training goes so I researched ,looked up and tried to find someone that could help me I did this for 2 months and found ADZK95 LLC. I was very impressed with the love and passion they had with all the dogs they had , and how very well kept and clean everything was .Doran, Brandon and Arlene were wonderful J.J.my dog was there for 4 weeks and we would go every Tuesday to do training ourselves. there are no words to describe what they have done for us as owners and what they did with J.J. They treated us like family.They are know part of our family, and absolutely are part of ours, It has been a real pleasure working with them and watching there training.YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME !! WE WILL BE SEEING YOU AGAIN GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Karri, John, and Sara Kearney.

Kim and Rocket

I highly recommend ADZK9S. If your dog needs training, this is definitely the place to go! Our dog tried to pull my arm off on every single walk, was constantly knocking over my kids because he wanted to play, barked at the neighbors, chewed up almost everything that fell to the ground, and was aggressive toward my daughter’s little friends. After a few weeks of training, he is like a new dog. He comes when I call him, he doesn’t pull on the leash anymore, he hasn’t chewed up a single thing and he’s much calmer around the kids. He listens and knows what’s expected of him. I can’t recommend these trainers enough! They know how to get results and in a safe and loving way.

Shanna and Imola

ADZK9S is amazing! We adopted a two year old dog. We ended up with an extremely loving dog that wouldn’t listen and was aggressive towards other dogs. The last day of training at a local pet store, the trainer told me I needed to find a dog behaviorist that works with aggression. My dog failed out of basic obedience school, was the family joke, but we really did need help. The changes we have experienced with our dog after a month of training with ADZK9S are amazing.! We now have a dog we can work with. Playing with her in the backyard is much more fun. She lets go of the toy! I had her in a lying down(submissive position) for 30 minutes today with only two corrections. This took place while children were running around playing and the squirrels tempted her. We no longer dread walking our dog, because now we are in control. Even our cat is grateful. One command and our dog stops in her tracks. We highly recommend ADZK9S.

Megan and her three dogs

Absolutely amazing experience!!! Y’all were great with our 3 dogs (2 huskies and 1 Dalmatian) Highly recommend and without a doubt, they will fix any issues that come your way!

Tangela and Snuggles

We really appreciate the work that was put in to train our dog Snuggles. Doron and Brandon were very patient with me when I was learning the commands. The overall process of this service has been excellent, from the day we dropped Snuggles off, to keeping me posted via videos, to keeping her groomed so that she wont have mats during her training stay. I highly recommend using ADZK9s to anyone who wants a well trained obedient dog.

Jordan and Bentley

Doron and his team worked magic with my 2 y/o shelter rescue Pitbull. She is perfect on a leash now and having zero issues being around other dogs. Even when she was off the leash at home I could tell she was a lot more calm and relaxed. They formed such a loving bond with her and took care of her so wonderfully during her two week stay, I couldn’t have picked better people to trust her with. They were also so helpful and patient when teaching me what commands to use and how to walk her. 100% recommend for all dog training and behavioral issues and will definitely use them for any future pets. Thank you guys!

Laine and Hazel

So so happy with the results! We took our 6 month old German Shepard for the three week obedience program. Got her back today and I couldn’t be happier with how our Hazel behaves. The trainers were very nice and work well with dogs at any age. Love this place and highly recommend!

Nikia and Chowder

Honestly I had my doubts about anyone being able to train my stubborn dog, so I was truly shocked when I picked my dog up!!! Not only did they train him to come back when called, he’s also potty trained…that’s a huge plus!!! Anyone looking for help in training their dog; I’d definitely recommend Doran and his family!

Susan and Avery

Doron and the ADZ team far exceeded our expectations. Their professionalism, clean and orderly training facility and positive work methods have yielded fantastic results with our dog. We were thrilled to find out that the team can also provide follow-on boarding for our dog. I would highly recommend ADZ !!

Carlos, Marie and Maya

– EXTREMELY PLEASED with our Pitbull Mayas progress after her 3 week stay with The ADZK9s team! She has completely changed, her ability to understand our commands and literally do as we say is mind blowing. Thank you Doron for helping us understand how to properly handle a dog and realize they are a lot smarter than most people think. Someone had already given up on our puppy and abandoned her for what we guess was because she was too aggressive, finding ADZK9s really gave this dog a second chance because without their help we probably wouldn’t have been able to keep her either. Thank you guy again, what you do is amazing.

Alana and Titan

Thank you so much. My puppy has calmed down substantially and doesn’t pull on the leash anymore.

Hannah and aria

DON’T GO ANYWHERE ELSE! Seriously, all you have to do is talk to these people to know they’re the real deal. From start to finish, Doron and Brandon have been nothing but amazing. They love your dog as if it’s theirs, treating it with respect and teaching it how to be the best dog! We took our 5 month old German Shepherd to their 3 week board and train obedience program. The difference is staggering! They are truly passionate about what they do and it’s evident with how they treat both human and pup. I was nervous about these programs because some people use shady training methods, but my fears were relieved as soon as I stepped on their property. Can’t recommend enough!!

Durell and marley

After doing some research, my wife and I decided to use ADZK9S for obedience training. We are very pleased with the work that Doron and his team have done with our pup. She is much more obedient and well mannered. She still has some work to do and we will continue to work with her, but the difference in her obedience is like night & day. Doron, Brandon and Arlene have been great and super easy to work with. I would definitely recommend ADZK9S.

Liz and Penny

There are not enough words to describe my gratitude for what Doron and his team have done for my family. We started out in a space where we were literally pulling out our hair trying to figure out what we were doing wrong with our new Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. From sleepless nights of howling to daily scrubbing not so nice messes, we were at our absolute wits end. In comes the ADZK9S team to save the day with their amazing training program. Long story short, we just spent the holidays with a household full of out of town family members and even made a trip to the mountains with a well-trained, well-mannered pup. And I can honestly say not one incident to report. They are absolute miracle workers and thanks to them we have a happy puppy and happy family. One of the most significant components of their specialized training is recognizing we as humans need training too – not just shouting commands at a dog and expecting results! Everyone at ADZK9S takes what they do seriously, loves what they do, and the results absolutely show. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Jordan and Luna

Doron and his team worked magic with my 2 y/o shelter rescue Pitbull. She is perfect on a leash now and having zero issues being around other dogs. Even when she was off the leash at home I could tell she was a lot more calm and relaxed. They formed such a loving bond with her and took care of her so wonderfully during her two week stay, I couldn’t have picked better people to trust her with. They were also so helpful and patient when teaching me what commands to use and how to walk her. 100% recommend for all dog training and behavioral issues and will definitely use them for any future pets. Thank you guys!

Daniel and piere

The best training my dog has gotten! They changed my dog for the better and they will be taking on 3 more of my pups!

Dana and Milos

Working with Doron has been a wonderful experience. I was about to give up but god sent me an angle… Doron has walked me through Milos training after a week of potty training boot camp. Daily updates during, follow ups after we were back home demonstrating patience and kindness throughout the process. I highly recommend ADZ to anyone who is looking for fast results with your dog training.

Cj and daisy

I brought my 6 month old bloodhound puppy to ADZK9s as a last resort before re-homing her. Doron and his wife and team were amazing! They delayed scheduled time off to help my family with our training problems. After 3 weeks with them Daisy is a new dog! She responds to commands, does not pull, and is completely house broken. ADZK9s delivered on every promise they made us and I could not recommend them higher!

Cindy and Stella

My 10 month old dog stayed with Doron at his training facility for 3 weeks and this is my second day home with her. She is doing so well with her training. I am able to actually communicate with her now! She is paying attention to me, vs whatever catches her eye. I plan to continue taking her as she seems to have learned a lot in three weeks! Doron was nice and easy to talk to. Also sweet and loving to my dog Stella.

Alisa and blessing

My dog, Blessing, had been tied to a tree on a short chain for years by her previous owner. She had no social skills. Blessing is a pit bull/boxer mix. When I got Blessing, she was 4 years old and out of control. She jumped all over us. It took both my sister and I together to walk her. We would finish bruised and sometimes bleeding. Blessing was not mean. She is very affectionate and so excited! And she did not follow any instructions or commands. Doron and his team worked with Blessing for 4 weeks. She is a different dog! She actually lives in the house with me. She lets me know when she needs to go outside to pee. She listens to and follows commands. She rarely jumps up on me. She allows me to walk her by myself. I say allows because I know she is strong enough to stop me, but she lets me be in charge. She is no longer the alpha female. What a difference! Thank you so much for what seemed to be impossible!

Lisa and her two fur babies

I brought my female and my niece’s female dog in for aggression issues. They were there for 2 weeks and are finally able to be around in each other without fighting, we have had a few minor issues since being home, and each time i have gotten assistance and advice on how to handle situations properly. I am grateful for the work they did with the dogs, i am loving being able to let the dogs have full range of the house finally. Thank you so much for everything.

Taylor and Dakota

Doron and his team were extremely helpful from the beginning. You can tell they truly care about each individual dog and their personality/background. They were extremely patient with our rescue and even kept him for a few days longer to make sure Dakota learned as much as possible before we brought him back home. They also made sure we were comfortable with the commands and understood them as well. I love that Doron was always available and told us we can call, facetime, visit for follow ups anytime we need to in the future. I would highly recommend using ADZK9S. It’s very clear that they know what they’re doing and have a passion for it!

Greg and Leo

Doron brought clarity to expectations. Very upfront about next steps, continued training at home, etc. Great, straightforward experience.

Ned and Sophia

Did an unbelievable job with our dog. Could not have asked for more.

Kimberly and Sky

They are great in training. I like that if we have any questions or problems after the fact, we can call and they will help. Great customer service.

Gino and Bo

My wife and I rescued a puppy back in January, and we were really happy about it! However, we did not know what we had gotten ourselves into. Bo, our puppy, was very calm the first few days we got him, but as time progressed, he started to become a little bit of a hassle. At first we thought it was because he was a puppy that he always wanted to play, but it just seemed that he never rested. We had trouble with potty training him, and we could not have him on a leash. We were seriously considering giving him up because it was getting too much to handle. Thankfully, a good friend of ours recommended ADZK9s. I gave Doron a call, and he quickly put us on his schedule. Bo and I met him at their facilities, and he treated Bo immediately by giving him all shots he needed. We decided to enroll him in the 1-Month boarding and training program they provide, and it is the best thing we did for Bo and us. Bo was another puppy when he completed the program. He was obedient and calmer while still being the joyful and playful little puppy we first got. We were amazed at the results. He was completely potty trained, and he enjoyed his leash among many other things. Doron and Arlene explained that Bo was a special case. During his training they learned that Bo has tremendous amounts of energy, and that is why we were having such a hard time with him. At the beginning they had a tough time with Bo because of that same reason, but they didn’t give up and were able to find a successful way to train him. We are grateful to them for that. They are great people, and they go above and beyond in what they do. They took their time to explain the process and share their knowledge with us we can be the best owners to Bo. We 110% recommend them for anyone who is looking to have their dog trained.

Michelle and Prince

ADZK9S is an awesome dog training company and they are very knowledgeable about dogs and how to be good trainers and animal owners. I completely enjoyed my experience with this company and their training is amazing! They gave me a brand new dog! Their service is impeccable!! Use this trainer!!!

Melinda and Waffles

I would recommend ADZK9s to anyone that loves their dog, and wants to do right by them. He was able to do more with my puppy in 5 minutes than I was in 3 weeks!!! He’s very kind also:)

Joseph and Waffles

The training at this time is not finished we still have about 1 1/2 weeks to go in a month long program. But my dogs are rescue dogs and one was having real issue with the new environment. They did not refuse to deal with her or say the could not train her but instead said they were going to put in extra effort to help her over come her issues so that she could have a better quality of life. They came out to my house to meet the dogs when they had to change our meet my dogs day. The training area was very nice, clean and inviting. They are sending video updates of the dogs progress. Overall at this time I am very satisfied with the work they are doing and do not expect there will be any issues and feel that when my dogs come back that they will be well trained and be able to go out in public much more confident and happier. I would recommenced them if you are looking to get your dogs trained in a second and in fact have suggested them to someone at work who is getting a new dog and looking into places to get the dog trained. I can’t stress enough how good it made me feel for them to say that they were going to keep working with Waffles and get her trained even with her issues and not just say she can’t be trained and to come and get her. As she was taken from her previous owners for abuse and neglect. I did not think she was going to have the issues she did because at home with us she seems very well adjusted, but when they came up these people just worked harder to help her, and didn’t write her off.

Jennifer and Rocks

Doron has been the BEST trainer to my GSD & myself as a new dog owner. He is always quick to respond when I have questions/concerns. I’ve watched videos & shows & spoken to other ppl in regards to training dogs and until I got with Doron I would’ve never believed the turn around my GSD has done. I couldn’t believe the IMMEDIATE change just after the first training session with him. I honestly thought I brought the wrong dog home! Doron has been great to work around my busy schedule and to make it work so Rocks gets the most of his training. Doron has overextended his hospitality & helpfulness for our other shepherd, which is our daughters but lives with us. He doesn’t have to extend his knowledge but doesn’t even bat an eye when I ask for help. I couldn’t be more happy with the service I’m receiving! The cost for the wonderful service is PRICELESS!

Andrea and Oscar

I have an American bulldog I rescued. He was very skittish, and scared of everything. I’m pretty sure he was abused , before we got him. I couldn’t take him anywhere and my daughter couldn’t walk him. I got him for my daughter that suffers from night terrors. But I think he was more scared then she was. I thought he would never come out of his shell. I took him to ADZk9s. He is a completely changed dog. He rides in the car with no problems. My daughter walks him with no problem. He just walks beside her. He listens to all her commands and does it proudly! I can clean the house with brooms and mops and he doesn’t get scared anymore. His trainers gave him the self confidence he needed to have a better life. I can not thank them enough!! If you are on the fence about a Trainer. I highly suggest ADZk9s. They changed my dogs life and they can change yours.

Aaron and Axel (Boarding)

My dog is a “problem dog” in boarding. He normally comes back skinny and sad. These guys did a great job. I could tell my dog was in good hands.

Patience and her two lab mix dogs

Excellent dog trainers! I left my dogs with Doron for 3 weeks and he worked with them consistently to improve their behavior. My dogs came back with the understanding that rules are meant to be followed when I give them the proper signals. I would highly recommend their services. They are heavily affiliated with bullies, but they will work with all types of dogs. Doron communicated during the entire process and allowed me to visit when I wanted to see my girls. Good service and good people!

Jarrett and Gypsy

Doron is knowledgeable, patient and personable. He has really transformed our pup into a dog I was dreaming she could be but couldn’t do myself. I cant recommend him enough!

Karl, Melinda and Waffles 

Waffles the Doodle came to us as an exuberant (out of control) six-week-old puppy. He was into everything as most puppies are. We came across ADZ and after meeting them and hearing their philosophy we decided to let Waffles go for a three-week visit for basic obedience exposure when he turned 12 weeks. After the three-week time at ADZ Waffles came home the same loving, happy and rambunctious puppy; but with buttons and controls. He is a much happier puppy as he’s not in trouble all the time. He has rejoined our pack with Winston, Piper and Waffles all having a great time now.  As with most pet behavior issues, it is partially the pet and partially the owner(handler). In this case it was clear that we had not had a puppy in a long time and didn’t know what to do with him. ADZ was very patient with us and went over thing several times to insure we knew how to communicate our expectations to Waffles and to hold him accountable. It has been a real blessing for our family. The ADZ facility (a kennel but much more) is amazing. Top of the line design, layout and upkeep. It is very clean and well kept. It is a very safe and enjoyable environment for Waffles and for us as we went to drop off and pickup.

As if the training wasn’t enough, Waffles came home looking amazing. He was well taken care of with perfect weight gain as a puppy and his coat looked great. Waffles loves the Bully Amps treats that ADZ makes, and we have put all our dogs on the treats at home. We highly recommend ADZ.


Where to begin..? ADZ has transformed 5 month old puppy into something else. I can’t go anywhere without people stopping me to just admire his discipline. Sits, lays down, goes to the bathroom, stops barking, etc. All on command. Yes, it takes one as a owner to continue the practice but it’s a night and day difference. I will never own another dog without it being trained by my ADZ family.

It doesn’t stop there. ADZ loves what they do so much that they literally build a relationship with the dogs and their owners. I could keep on going about how great they are. Extremely thankful for them and everything they do!


We were having issues with our American Bulldog “Bolt”. He was pulling on his leash and acting aggressive towards dogs and people. We called ADZ Kennels and spoke with Doron. He took the time to listen and and watch video’s of our dog. He saw the playful nature in Bolt when others were telling us he was aggressive. Doron impressed us with his knowledge of Bolt’s breed and we set up an appointment immediately. After one training session we saw major improvements with Bolt. Doron and his staff are kind and knowledgeable. We drive a little over an hour each week to train our pup with ADZ Kennels. I would recommend ADZ to anyone who wants a perfectly trained and well behaved dog.


Awesome!!! It’s very simple. Doron may be one of the best trainers I’ve come across. He doesn’t only have great patience when it comes to training your puppy, he is also very thorough when it comes to informing you of the techniques and reasoning behind them. Will definitely suggest using his services or even just talking to him and getting a better understanding of your puppy.


I’ve had several dogs before of all different breeds but the experience I’ve had with ADZ kennels has been just amazing!! The quality of their kennels ,to their work ethics and professionalism of how they operate their business I’m just lost for words!! And now let’s talk about TANK!! He has been the most amazing dog I’ve ever had. The quality of the blood line shows!! The training that he received from ADZ kennels has put him on a different level. His obedience in a off leash dog park environment has not only me but other dog owners just mind boggled!! His protection work is no joke either!! But over all that I’m just absolutely amazed how gentle n playful he is with he kids!! This experience with ADZ has been so memorable and the relationship me and tank have is just so beautiful!! I’m just honored to have a ADZ dog and can’t wait to continue working with them!!!

Cynthia and Titan

Doron was very upfront about expectations on Titan’s training. He was available for follow-ups and continued training as needed. His entire team was very professional and friendly. We appreciated the ease and honesty in which he answered all our questions. Also, Titan loved his handler and the rest of his team. Overall we are pleased with his progress.


Back when I lived in Georgia, I remember searching nonstop online for a bully. I had been in the market for one for a while. At first I looked at some nice dogs from a couple regular breeders, but a lot of the time they didn’t have papers. They didn’t have the reputation I was looking for in a solid dog. That’s when I found Doron and ADZK9s. It’s like out of nowhere there was this perfect breeder who could guarantee the dogs temperaments and build. And let me tell you. Not only did I get what I paid for, the puppy came even bigger and better than I expected. The build was noticeable. Chunky. Healthy. Nice head. We get compliments everywhere we go. His attitude towards kids and other dogs is just perfect. He doesn’t get off track or aggressive. It’s everything I could ask for. I still keep in contact with Doron and he keeps me up to date with the best equipment. If I could recommend any breeder this would be the one. He really cares about the dogs and the people he does business with.