Available Dogs

Looking into a protection dog?

Protection dogs have come a long way and times have changed. What we look for in a protection dog is balance and a zero liability dog that understands the job and has been exposed to the job through proper training techniques. Uncontrolled aggression isn’t protection. If you can’t turn it on /off on command its nothing more than a liability!

Check out some of the dogs we have available. We offer a white glove service and tailor the dog to your needs. Most our dogs are contract based, imported and guaranteed to do the job! For more about our dogs and training style visit our instagram

Pepsi AVAILABLE $40,000

Jaco SOLD $40,000

Kira SOLD $40,000

Creed SOLD $65,000

Benno SOLD $65,000

Taio SOLD $65,000

Croc and Dex SOLD $65,000 & $40,000

Zane SOLD $35,000

Rip SOLD $25,000

Seven SOLD $20,000

Rex SOLD $40,000

Preacher SOLD $35,000