Advance Canine Solutions

Advance Canine Solutions 

This sector of ADZK9S LLC specializes in working dogs. There are multiple aspects of working dogs, wether you are looking for a personal protection, home protection, patrol, SWAT and private security dog

With over 10 years of training dogs, we understand the difference between a confident dog that wants to work and is willing to do the job and a dog that is acting out of fear or sporting drive.

When choosing protection training for yourself or family, the last thing you want is a dog that will cower down at the sign of threat and leave you unprotected and in danger. ADZ’s Advance Canine Solutions designed a 90 day program! Post testing for PPD, our program will provide a method of boosting the dog’s confidence, teach it what their body language means when pressing forward, the power of deterrent behind their bark, bite development, obstacles, real life scenarios and how to solve problems in car/ home/ public, weapon detection and situation awareness.

What do we look for during our testing? 

A dog with confidence, prey drive, willingness to use its mouth, bite static items, not fearful of people, willing to press forward and not cower away when being confronted with pressure and aggressive body language.

What type of dogs do we avoid? 

There are many companies who import sporting dogs and sell them as “protection dogs”. Understand that not every dog has what it takes to be a protection dog… A sporting dog is trained to gain points during a trial and will NOT protect you in a real life situation! This causes a dog to lose all intent behind the bite and yet look overly controlled, no independence yet flashy during a set. We will not import or train a sporting dog for personal protection due to the lack of willingness to hurt a man. A sporting dog will not bite a person without visible gear or easy presentation.

How do we achieve our goals? 

Stage 1 /3 We first train the dog for defense work and boosting the dog’s ego to better prepare it for protection work.  There are many programs out there that rush this process and the results are a dog that bites out of fear! This is probably the most dangerous outcome you could ever have… We want to boost the dog’s confidence to a point where the bite comes from a calculated and trained manner. Minded control is the key to a well balanced and social protection dog!

Stage 2/3 This stage of training is the actual protection section. This is what we’ve been training the dog to do through confidence building and essentially what we’ve been waiting for. Throughout the following 30 days the dog will run many different sets where it will get to bite, protect and run through real life scenarios such as biting in a car, house, clearing a building, will be desensitized to the sound of gun fire, jumping and biting around and on top of obstacles, civil agitation and much more.

Stage 3/3 The final part of our program consists around your day to day schedule. We setup sets around your house/property and create a real life scenario of a robbery, car jacking and the many other things we want the dog to be aware of, including any public parking lots or simply walking with a young kid or a family member in public.

Like the many programs we offer this service is guaranteed and is backed with a life time warranty!